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The predecessor of Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Co., Ltd. was the former state-owned Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Factory. Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Factory was founded in 1942 and is one of the earliest fine chemical factories in China. In July 2002, the company successfully restructured into a limited liability company based on inheriting its existing advanced technology, equipment, and talent resources. The following year, it passed ISO9001 international certification. In 2005, the company relocated to a new location and settled in Wenzhou Industrial Park, taking its production and business scale to a new level. Now, the company has developed into a professional production base for food additives and epoxy resin curing agents with significant influence in the country.

The company currently mainly produces food additives mainly consisting of sorbitol anhydride fatty acid ester series (Sipan series) and polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitol anhydride fatty acid ester series (Tween series); Epoxy resin active toughening agent and curing agent series products mainly including CMP410, methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride and polydecanoic anhydride, and industrial surfactant series products mainly including PEG264 oleate, castor oil polyoxyethylene ether, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, etc. After years of efforts to improve technological content, cooperating with universities and research institutions, continuously adjusting product structure, and developing marketable new products, we have now become a distinctive professional production enterprise for fine chemical additives, and our products are renowned in both domestic and international markets.

As a director of the China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, vice chairman unit of the Thickening Emulsifying Quality Improver Professional Committee of the China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, and vice chairman unit of the Zhejiang Food Additives and Ingredients Industry Association, our company produces Span and Tween series of food additives, which have won the Feitian Award at the first National Food Additives Exhibition; In 1992, he won the Excellent Award at the National Light Industry Expo. In April 2003, Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Co., Ltd. was also awarded the title of "Top 100 Enterprises in the Chinese Food Additives and Food Ingredients Industry" by the China Food Additives and Ingredients Association. Our company is the drafting unit for the national standards of Food Additives Division 60 (Span 60) and Food Additives Division 80 (Span 80). In 2008, the company revised these two national standards according to the standard revision plan of the National Standardization Technical Committee; According to the standard development plan of the National Standardization Technical Committee, national standards for food additive Tween 60, Tween 80, Span 20, and Span 40 have been drafted. In recent years, this series of products have also passed Kosher international certification and Islamic certification, and are exported to countries and regions such as the European Community, Africa, and Southeast Asia, deeply trusted and welcomed by domestic and foreign users.

Our company developed and produced HK-021 (methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride) epoxy resin curing agent as early as 1982. After 20 years of continuous improvement and improvement, the quality of HK-021 products has reached the international level of similar products and is exported to developed countries such as Europe and America.

The industrial surfactant series products produced by our company are widely used in light chemical industries such as textiles, electronics, and cosmetics, with good commercial reputation and broad development prospects.

The quality policy of the company is: strict and scientific management, creating clear and bright boutiques, satisfying and honest service, and striving for continuous improvement. It is our business philosophy. Providing products and services to our customers is our persistent goal.

The "Qingming Brand" pan, Tween food emulsifier series, epoxy resin curing agent series, and industrial surfactant series products are carefully crafted for our users. We are willing to cooperate with new and old customers to seek development together.

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